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M&S Pizza Meal Deal

The M&S pizza dine in deal for two - The ultimate family feast!

Looking for a wallet-friendly serves-four dinner? Look no further than the iconic M&S Pizza Night Dine In Meal Deal. For just £12, you can pick up two stonebaked pizzas, (including vegan gluten-free options) and two indulgent sides, like chicken munchies, oozy mac ‘n’ cheese bites and dirty fries.

You can view the full menu options here - M&S Pizza Dine In Meal Deal.

M&S Pizza Night Dine In Meal Deal

💡 TIP! You can get 8 kids meals out of this one meal deal! One pizza for the kids to share, serve with salad or veggie sticks on the side, freeze the other for the next pizza night. Buy 2 sides that your kids will eat as a main - we love the chicken munchies! Use one pack for the kids to share (great with fried rice or egg noodles) and freeze the other pack for next week! That's 4 meals for 2 kids to share.

The M&S Pizza Night Dine In meal deal is available at all three Guernsey M&S stores.


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