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Price Comparisons

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Compare prices on 25 Everyday Essential items...

We compare prices at all local supermarkets right here in Guernsey including M&S, Waitrose, Co-op, Alliance, Iceland and Morrisons. Become a SuperSavvySaver and save yourself money by shopping around!

We price check each store and each product once a month, but if you do see a significant change in prices, please do let us know!

Last updated: 25 June 2024
please read notes below!
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Notes on comparison prices

It is important to note that we have included the lowest priced item that we could find in store. This is often based on the supermarkets own brand products but where a supermarket does not stock their own brand product, we have used the lowest priced product we could find in store. For instance, Iceland only stock Kelloggs cornflakes and their soup products are mainly Heinz. Alliance are currently in the process of stocking Sainsbury's products, so we may see price drops there soon.


Please note that there are slight variants in weights of items at each store as all tend to offer different pack sizes, e.g. bags of potatoes range from 1.6kg - 2kg. Bags of flour at the Co-op, Morrisons and Alliance are 1.5kg whereas the others are all 1kg. All cordials are based on 1 litre except for Waitrose which is 1.5 .litre.

Notes on Cheese prices!

Each store sells cheddar cheese in varying quantities so to ensure we're comparing like for like, we have calculated the price based on 500g although you may not necessarily find a 500g pack in stores. For instance, 750g of cheese costs £5.45 at Waitrose, so we have divided £5.45 by 750 to calculate the cost per gram, then multiplied by 500 to calculate the cost per 500g. 

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