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Rubis Loyalty Card

Rubis Channel Islands are the largest fuel suppliers in Guernsey offering a range of fuels including home heating oil and road fuels with 10 forecourts.

Rubis Loyalty Card

The Rubis Card is a reward scheme. When you fill up with fuel, or use your Rubis Card with purchases, you’ll get Rubis Points in return. You can use Rubis Points to get discounts with Rubis and they've also partnered with pother companies such as Condor and Avios so you can use your points with other companies too.

Although you don’t need to use your Rubis Card to buy fuel, it is the cheapest way to do so and gives you great savings on fuel prices and other member offers!

You need to apply for a Rubis Card which you can do here - Rubis Loyalty Card.

Rubis are currently offering a 15% off heating installations including boilers, oil tanks, hot water cylinders and more...

Rubis 15% off heating installations


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