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Price Comparisons

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We compare prices at all local supermarkets right here in Guernsey including M&S, Waitrose, Co-op, Alliance, Iceland and Morrisons. Become a SuperSavvySaver and save yourself money by shopping around!

We price check each store and each product at the end of each month, but if you do see a significant change in prices, please do let us know!

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Notes on comparison prices

It is important to note that we have included the lowest priced item that we could find in store. This is often based on the supermarkets own brand products but where a supermarket does not stock their own brand product, we have used the lowest priced product we could find in store. For instance, we could not find a low value tin of soup at Iceland, so the price used is based on Heinz. Likewise, cheaper alternatives of Corn Flakes could not be found at Iceland, so prices listed are premium branded Kelloggs. This may well change in the future, particularly at Alliance who are currently stocking Sainsbury's products so we may see price changes soon. 

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