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M&S Stir Fry Meal Deal

Updated: May 14

The M&S stir fry dine in deal for two includes a pack of veg, protein, sauce and noodles or rice. The deal costs just £8 for all 4 items.

Simply choose a pack of vibrant veg (like mixed peppers), a protein (like king prawns or sesame, chilli and coriander tofu), a sauce (like teriyaki or sweet pepper) and noodles or cauliflower rice.

M&S Stir Fry Meal Deal

💡 TIP! You can make several meals using this one stir fry meal deal as the base! We use the family veg stir fry bag and throw in the leftover roast chicken from the Sunday roast dinner. The beef strips we freeze to make a beef stroganoff another day. The pack of thai green sauce is also thrown in the freezer - we wait until we have 2 packs to make a thai green chicken curry using the sauce from this deal. And the noodles are used for the kids dinners (usually with the chicken munchies from the M&S Pizza Meal Deal).

The M&S Pizza Night Dine In meal deal is available at all three Guernsey M&S stores.


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