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Repair Café & Clothes Swap

Updated: May 14

Don't Bin It - Fix It!

It wasn't long ago when there was an avid repair industry and a strong mentality of 'make do and mend'. But today's throw-away society is putting a strain on our planet, and our wallets too! So before binning a ripped dress, jacket, faulty watch or hairdryer, consider repairing it instead!

Emily Gabb Repair Cafe Guernsey

Next time something in your home is acting up, why not see if you can fix it instead of throwing it away? Not only will you be surprised how easy it can be, you’ll be amazed how satisfying it feels to fix or mend something yourself.

But if you really don't think that you're not up to the task, don't worry - help is at hand!

The Repair Café Guernsey

Repair Cafe Guernsey Logo

The Repair Café is an initiative created by The Clean Earth Trust, a local Guernsey charity. They provide a place for people in the community to meet with skilled volunteers, to fix or refurbish broken or worn-out goods. Whether it’s an electrical item that needs a new plug, a coat that needs a new zip, or a teddy that needs a new eye; volunteers at The Repair Café will be able to offer guidance, advice or practical help to give your items a new lease of life.

And of course, by not throwing your broken or damaged items in the bin, you're not only saving yourself money by not buying again, you're also saving the landfill too!

Approximately 92 million tonnes of textiles and more than 50 million tonnes of electronic waste end up in landfills every year.

The Repair Café currently have volunteers who can repair clothing, textiles and soft toys, small household appliances and electronics, and small household items such as picture frames and aim to broaden and extend their scope as they grow.

Repair Cafe Volunteers
Repair Cafe Volunteers

Pop-up cafés are held at different venues around the Island including KGV, St Martins community centre, Les Varendes high school and Health Connections.

As part of the Repair Café, the Clean Earth Trust also incorporate a Clothes Swap initiative for both adults and children. You can take your own items of clothing along and swap them for something new. Well, technically second hand, but new to us! Fantastic opportunity to update your wardrobe for as little as £2!

Repair Café and Adults Clothes Swap

Monthly at the KGV 11am - 2.30pm

Repair Cafe Sewing Machine

A monthly pop-up Repair Café & Clothes Swap is held on the first Saturday of each month 11am - 2.30pm in the community room at the KGV. The room is fully accessible, wheel chair friendly and plenty of parking is available. The KGV café upstairs is also open from 11am if you fancy a cuppa.

If you just need something mending or repairing, and you don't want to join in the clothes swap, there is no charge although donations are welcomed. To avoid waiting for your item to be fixed, it is recommended to book a 'repair slot' before attending. You can do this through The Repair Café Facebook page.

You can join in the Clothes Swap scheme for a small fee of just £2 and you can swap up to 10 items of clean, good quality adult clothing. Note the clothes swap held at the KGV is focussed on Adult clothing.

Clothes Swap at the KGV Guernsey
Adult Clothes Swap at the KGV

Details of all upcoming Repair Café & Clothes Swap events are posted on The Repair Café Facebook page.

Repair Café and Children's Clothes Swap

Every 5 - 6 weeks at St Martins Community Centre

Kids Clothes Swap and Repairs

A monthly pop-up Repair Café & Clothes Swap is held at St Martin's community centre. If you just need something mending or repairing, there is no charge although donations are welcomed.

The monthly Clothes Swap at St Martin's community centre is focussed on Children's clothing. The cost is just £3 to take part and you can swap up to 20 items of clean, good quality age 0-14 clothing and accessories. No well-worn or stained items and no underwear, socks, PJ's, school uniform or toys please.

Details of all upcoming Repair Café & Clothes Swap events are posted on The Repair Café Facebook page.

The Repair Directory

Sometimes it’s not always possible for The Repair Café to help with broken items as they may not have the expertise, skills or parts needed but they have developed an online directory of local businesses offering repair services who may be able to help. Please note these are paid for services. View the repair directory here - Repair Directory.

If you have experience repairing computing and audio equipment, jewellery, books, pottery or porcelain, and would like to join The Repair Café team of volunteers, or add yourself to the online repair directory, you can contact the team

Further information -

Repair Directory: Repair Directory


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