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Get Free Cashback on your Online Shopping!

Updated: May 27

And get a £15 new member bonus!

Ever wish you could get a slice of the pie back from your online purchases? Well you can - with Quidco! Quidco partner with thousands of popular retailers, from fashion giants to tech titans and holiday operators, and when you shop through Quidco, you earn a percentage of your spending back as real cash. Good eh!

How to get Free Cashback with Quidco

This post contains affiliate links which help towards the cost of maintaining this website.

Whenever you make any online purchases, always check first whether you can use an app to check if you can find a discount, offer code or get some money back. If you’re going to be spending anyway, you'll likely get cashback. Make easy money on your own shopping!

And this is not just on your clothing or grocery shopping, think hotel bookings, holidays, UK tours and attractions... literally anything you purchase online. It’s basically free money and too many people are missing out on this one simple super savvy saving tip!

Cashback is available anytime you're spending money online. There are many cashback sites available, but Quidco has been around since 2005, it was launched in the UK and now has more than 5,000 retailers listed on their website.

What is Quidco?

Quidco is a homegrown UK company that helps you get cashback from popular online stores and has been around since 2005. In recent years, the platform has grown and taken up a considerable portion of the cashback market share. Quidco has partnered with more than 5,000 UK and international merchants and retailers and claims to have more than 10 million members in the UK.

How to sign up for free with Quidco

So how does it work?

Retailers are happy to pay a small commission for each customer Quidco sends their way. They see it as a marketing fee for acquiring new customers and Quidco shares a portion of that commission with you as cashback!

In essence, Quidco earns money by referring customers to its partners’ websites. From the commission Quidco gets, a portion is given back to you as cashback.

How much can I earn?

Quidco cashback rates vary depending on the retailer and can range from 1% to 20% of your purchase or even more for special offers. With regular shopping, you could easily earn hundreds of pounds a year in cashback!

Why choose Quidco?

Other cashback sites are available, but here are some of the main reasons to use Quidco -

  • Large retailer selection - Find your favourite stores. Some big names that deliver to Guernsey include eBay, Amazon, M&S, Asos, MandM, Temu ... and hundreds more!

  • Looking to book a holiday? There is a large selection of hotel and holiday providers listed on Quidco. You can earn a large amount of cashback just by clicking a link before booking your holiday! Choose from Jet2holidays, EasyJet, British Airways, Emirates, First Choice, On The Beach, Travel Republic, Disneyland Paris ... and many more!

  • Heading to the UK for a concert, or visiting local attractions? Quidco lists popular attraction and ticket providers including Ticketmaster, Picniq, Attraction Tickets, Chessington Resorts, Discount London, Tootbus ... and many more!

  • Top cashback rates - Quidco negotiate the best deals, so you earn more. In fact, if you can find a higher cashback rate on any other UK cashback site, Quidco will match it!

  • Regular bonus offers - Get extra cashback with limited-time promotions

  • Easy & secure - Your information is always safe, and tracking is seamless

You won't find a better place to earn cashback

How to start earning your cashback -

You simply need to create an account on Quidco and start shopping, it's that easy! Here's the steps - (contains affiliate links)

  • Sign up for free - Joining Quidco takes just seconds and is completely free. Use our Refer a Friend link to get your £15 new member bonus!

  • Find your store - Search for your favourite retailer or browse through the categories.

  • Click & shop - Click the Quidco link to visit the store's website. This sends a message (like a secret handshake) saying you came from Quidco.

  • Cashback magic! - Quidco tracks your purchase, and once confirmed, you'll see the cashback appear in your account. Tracking is all done securely and in the background.

  • Withdraw or save - Once your cashback reaches a certain amount, you can withdraw it to your bank or save it for later.

£15 New Member Bonus!

You can claim an extra £15 new member bonus simply by using our Refer a Friend link! Yes, you heard that right - by signing up for a Free Quidco account using this link you will receive a £15 bonus as soon as you've earned £5 worth of cashback. Money for nothing!

And to make things better - we receive a commission too! All commissions received through affiliate links here at SuperSavvySavers helps towards the cost of maintaining our website.

Don't forget to use Quidco!

There is nothing more annoying than forgetting to log in and use Quidco, and missing out on your cashback! Grrrr.....

Remember, you can only claim cashback on your online shopping if you use the 'click through' link from Quidco so always visit the Quidco website first before you start your online shopping or book a hotel or holiday, a tour or attraction.... whenever you're spending money online!

There are a couple of things you can do to help you remember to use Quidco -

Cashback reminder App for Quidco

Use the Quidco Cashback Reminder - You can add a free browser extension which will remind you to make purchases via the Quidco website to make sure you get your cashback whenever you can. You can download the extension on the Quidco website under Cashback Reminder, or it can be downloaded directly from the Chrome Web Store. The extension is available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Once installed, the extension operates in the background, monitoring your online activity. When you visit a Quidco partner retailer’s website, the extension detects the opportunity for cashback and notifies the user to activate the cashback offer with a pop-up.

After you've installed the Cashback Reminder extension, if you Google something you want to purchase, the extension will show you the current rates of cashback above the listing. It’s really useful! Here's an example of a Google search for a 'package holiday'... 3.75% cashback with TravelSupermarket, up to 3.2% cashback with First Choice and £30 cashback with Jet2holidays. Boom!

How to add the Quidco Cashback Reminder extension in a Google search

Set Quidco as your homepage on your web browser - Another reminder to use Quidco is to set the Quidco website as your homepage on your web browser or set to open a new page each time you open your browser. This way every time you open your browser, you'll go direct to Quidco. Within your browser select settings, then within "On startup" there's a field "Open a specific page". Type the Quidco web address To add another page click Add a new page. All done!

Use the Quidco Cashback App - If you mainly do online shopping via mobile, there’s also a Quidco app you can download, which you can click through in the same way as the website, and will send you push notifications of great deals. Download the  Quidco Cashback App from the Apple Store or from the Android Store.

Is Quidco Worth it?

Absolutely!! What's not to like - it's Free! All you have to do is ensure you make purchases via the Quidco links, so yeah there's a little more effort involved in opening Quidco first, searching for the retailer you want to purchase from and then clicking the link, but you’ll soon be building up a little pot of extra cash.

Earning cashback is easier than ever with Quidco

Share your experience...

Have you used Quidco before or just started using after reading this post? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. How much cashback have you earned? How much money have you saved?


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