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Cheap Rate Electricity with Super Economy 12

Updated: May 18

Thanks to low-rate times, switching to Guernsey Electricity's Super Economy 12 is one of the simplest ways you can control your household electricity bills...

Cheap Electricity Guernsey Super Economy 12

What is Super Economy 12?

Super Economy 12 is Guernsey Electricity’s two-rate tariff with a cheaper rate available for a 12-hour period each day - a 10-hour period during the night and a two-hour period during the day. The normal rate applies for the remaining 12 hours. 

Switching to Super Economy 12, also known as E12, can really save you money just by using your same appliances, but during the lower rate times. For 12 hours each day, the electricity units you consume will cost you less than half (-50%) the price of the Standard rate per unit. 

Your 12 hours of low rate comprises of a 10-hour period during the night (this is the off-peak time when electricity demand is low) and a 2-hour period during the daytime, usually a 2 hour period between 12-5pm. The 'normal' rate applies for the remaining 12 hours.

Save money on your energy bills in Guernsey

Here are some example time bandings:

• Low rate times between 21:15 - 07:15 and 14:00 - 16:00 

• Low rate times between 21:30 - 07:30 and 14:35 - 16:35

Guernsey Electricity will inform you of your cheap tariff time periods when they've completed your application.

You need to Apply for Super Economy 12

If you are not already using Super Economy 12 you will need to apply through Guernsey Electricity. They just need some basic contact details and your meter number. Your meter number can be found on the reverse side of your electricity bill under the Electricity Bill Calculations header. You can apply for Super Economy 12 (E12) online - Apply Here.

Just by moving some electricity usage to your low-rate overnight times will save you money and reduce your reliance on the Guernsey power station.

Save money on your electricity bill

Remember to use your appliances during your low-rate times!

Switching to Super Economy 12 is all very well, but you must remember to use your appliances during your low-rate times or you won't save anything at all!

If you switch from Standard Tariff to the Super Economy 12 Tariff, you only have to use your appliances during 90% of the E12 Standard rate times, and 10% of your usage to E12 Low-rate times in order for your annual electricity bill to be the same as it was when not on E12. So just by making the shift to use your appliances more than 10% of the time during your E12 low-rate times is already saving you money!

set the timer on your appliances

Most appliances are equipped with a built-in timer these days so you can simply set the timer on your dishwasher, washing machine or tumble dryer to come on at the start of your low-rate time period. If however you don't have an built-in timer, set a reminder on your phone or the alarm on your cooker to come on at the start of your low-rate time period to prompt you to turn on your appliances!

💡 TIP! If you have an electric car, you can set the car charge timer to start charging your car battery at 9pm so it charges overnight 👍

Charge your electric car overnight to save money

To sum up, switching to the Super Economy 12 (E12) tariff with Guernsey Electricity is a no-brainer - so long as you use your appliances in your cheap tariff time periods!

Further information -

There are lots more money saving tips and ideas on the Guernsey Electricity website.

There's also some really useful money saving tips here - Guide to saving money on your energy bills.

Happy Energy Saving!

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