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How to use the Gander App

Ever heard of Gander? Wondered what its's all about? Well here's our run down of what it is, how it works and why we think you'll like it! 

How to use the Gander App to find reduced food near you in Guernsey

You may have seen the Gander App advertised in local stores here in Guernsey.

Gander is a world first mobile app that displays reduced to clear (often yellow-stickered) food & drink, from local convenience stores and supermarkets.

Sandpiper CI have introduced the Gander App to their Channel Island stores and it's available right here in Guernsey! The stores include Morrisons Daily - L'Islet, Perelle and St Peter's stores, Iceland - Cobo, Admiral Park, Vale and St Martins stores and Checkers Express - Landes du Marche, Capelles and Collings Road stores.

Shopping will never be the same again with reduced food only one swipe away with the Gander App!

How to use the Gander App to find reduced food near you in Guernsey

How does Gander work?

Gander is the first platform to automatically connect marked-down food with local shoppers. It works by linking directly in with a stores till system. The store will input the food to be reduced onto their system and mark the items as 'send to Gander'. When the reduced food items hit the Gander system they ping up in the App on your phone.

You then go along to your local store and find the reduced items you want. Simply pop them in your shopping basket and off you go!

How Gander works in Guernsey

How to use Gander...

First you'll need to download the app to your mobile phone. You can actually also access Gander via their website, but it works much better via the App.

Download the Gander App from the App Store here - Gander at the App Store.

Download the Gander App from the Google Store here - Gander at the Google Play Store.

How to use the Gander App to find reduced food near you in Guernsey

Once the app is on your phone, you'll need to give it permission to 'use your current location' so that it can scan for stores offering reduced items near you. Once you start using the app, it will remember your favourite stores. Currently the only stores in Guernsey using the Gander app are Morrisons, Iceland and Checkers Express. Select the store within the app and it will list every item that is currently reduced in that store.

When the item has been purchased in the store, the stores till system updates with the Gander system to tell it the item has been sold which in turn removes that item from the Gander App. So, technically, the products and items in the store should match the products and items listed in the App.

Here's a useful video on how you can use the Gander App. It's based in Northern Ireland rather than here in Guernsey, but you'll get the idea!

So there you go. Download the app, give it a go and let us know how you get on!

Happy Saving!

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