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myWaitrose Membership Card

If you shop at Waitrose and haven't already signed up to become a myWaitrose member, you need to stop what you're doing, and sign up right now!

Becoming a myWaitrose member is FREE, quick and easy and comes with loads of benefits...

Reasons to become a myWaitrose member -

myWaitrose Membership Card

·       Get a Free myWaitrose membership card

·       Access to your online myWaitrose account

·       Receive Free weekly money-saving vouchers

·       Receive a Free hot drink every time you shop in store

·       Receive Free magazines

·       Enter exclusive Waitrose competitions

You can become a member for FREE here -

Waitrose Membership

Weekly money saving vouchers!

Every week you can choose two vouchers to use in store as part of your myWaitrose membership. The vouchers are updated in your myWaitrose account on a Wednesday and they are often personalised based on items that you have previously purchased.

myWaitrose Personalised Vouchers

So, the more you use your myWaitrose member card, the more useful your vouchers will become. If you’re a new myWaitrose customer, it may be several weeks until you start receiving your personalised vouchers.

There are LOADS of benefits to shopping at Waitrose with your myWaitrose membership card. You can read the full SuperSavvySaving blog post here on How to Save Money at Waitrose!

How to Save Money at Waitrose

Happy Shopping at Waitrose!

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