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Never pay Full Price for these everyday items!

Updated: May 24

There are several everyday items and products that are regularly discounted or on offer at local retailers and supermarkets. These items can include food items with a long shelf life, beauty products, household cleaning products and everyday toiletries such as shower gels, soaps and bathing products. Here's our Savvy Saving tips on what not to pay full price for...

Never pay full price for these Big Brand items...

If you've gotten into the habit of just throwing your regular products into your shopping trolley - it's time to think again, break the habit and start saving money!

Instead of buying at the full price, wait for these items to come on offer, then consider buying two items to keep you going until the offer comes out again! These are all items with a long shelf life, so there's no chance of them 'going off' before you use them up.

Latest Supermarket Offers

The products and items in this list are regularly on offer, so if you can't see them discounted at your regular supermarket, chances are they'll be on offer at the supermarket across the road, so if you do need an item sooner rather than later - it really does pay to shop around!

It is important to note that it is (usually) the big brand names that offer the deals as opposed to a shop's own brand products. Most supermarkets offer a version of their own brand which of course may be cheaper than the brand name product that's on offer! But if you like your brands and you want a bargain... read on!

Big Brand Names that are always on offer!

💡 TIP! Check online to see what's on offer at your supermarket before driving around the stores! Granted, not all offers available on the UK websites are available here in Guernsey... but most of them are!

Here's our SuperSavvySaver list of items that are regularly discounted that you should NEVER pay full price for.

Never pay full price for any of these everyday products and items...

1. Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioners are ALWAYS on offer both at the supermarkets or also at your local pharmacy. You can almost guarantee to find a half price, a third off or a 3 for 2 deal at either Waitrose or Boots. You'll often find brand names such as Tresemme, Timotei, Head & Shoulders, Pantene and the likes, included in the offers and deals.

Although Guernsey doesn't always follow the UK in their offers and deals, they do tend to follow suit most of the time, so you can check online to see what's on offer before you head out to do your shopping. Likewise, if there's an offer available at Boots online, it's generally safe to say you'll find the same product on offer at Boots in the High Street, St Peter Port.

Never pay full price for shampoo and conditioner

💡 TIP! Did you know, you can also order online from Although they won't deliver direct to a Guernsey address, you can select 'Deliver to store' and you can collect your order from the Town branch. Good eh! Oooh also.... if you're buying online, remember to use QuidCo to get your cashback! Read our Quidco blog here - Win Win !! 🤩

2. Tinned Tuna Fish

Tuna fish is ALWAYS on offer at local supermarkets. Tuna is a classic 'if you can't find on offer at one store, just go to another'! The John West brand is regularly on offer, but other brands offer deals too.

I personally like the pull ring tins of tuna rather than the one's you need a tin / can opener for as my can opener is a bit dodgy. The pull ring tins can sometimes be a little pricier, it's the convenience we pay for remember, but actually with these supermarket deals there's little difference in the price. And maybe I just need to buy a new can opener!

Tuna fish offers at supermarket Guernsey

3. Washing Liquids & Washing Tabs

Washing liquids, washing tabs and fabric conditioners are all products that are also ALWAYS on offer at supermarkets and local retailers. If you're not that fussy about your brand, and you have no known allergies, you can pretty much guarantee to find a deal on at your local store.

Washing liquid and washing tab offers and deals at supermarkets

Look out for the big brand name such as Persil, Fairy or Bold on offer at one of the local supermarkets. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest deals!

Persil, Fairy or Bold washing tablets and washing liquids are often on offer at the supermarkets

4. Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Heinz tomato ketchup is a regular on the offers and deals shelves of supermarkets and another classic 'if you can't find on offer at one store, just go to another'! We tend to buy two or three bottles at a time (the kids go through tonnes of the stuff!) and it keeps us going until it goes on offer again.

Supermarket deals on Tomato Ketchup

5. Dishwasher Tabs

Dishwasher tabs are often included in the deals and offers at supermarkets and local retailers and often up to Half Price. Alliance are quite good at running these types of deals, and often offer up to half price 'Finish' dishwasher tabs. Morrisons, Iceland, Co-op and Waitrose all also run these offers.

Supermarket offers on Dishwasher Tabs

6. Shower Gels and Handwash

Shower gels and handwash product offers and deals can regularly be found at supermarkets and local retailers. Waitrose and Boots are particularly good at running these types of offers and you can often find bargains galore in the shower gel and handwash aisle!

7. Coffee - Jars & Coffee Pods / Capsules

Coffee jars, coffee pods and coffee capsule are very often on offer at supermarkets and local retailers.

Coffee pod offers at supermarket Guernsey

8. Skincare

Skincare offers and deals are regularly promoted at supermarkets and local retailers. Items include the likes of facial washes and face scrubs, moisturisers, make-up remover, eye make-up remover, cleansing lotions, body scrubs, exfoliators, you name it, you'll find it!

Waitrose and Boots are particularly good for skincare offers and deals here in Guernsey with lots of bargains to be had!

Skincare offers at supermarkets and local retailers

9. Chocolate Biscuits

You can often find lunchbox type biscuits such as McVitie's Club biscuits, Penguin biscuits, Rocky bars, Wagon Wheels etc, on offer at local supermarkets. Most Guernsey supermarkets offer these deals - not all at the same time!

You can regularly find these deals at Waitrose, Morrisons, Alliance and the Co-op but the cheapest we've found for 'lunchbox' type biscuit offers is at Iceland where Club's and Penguin's are often on offer at half price!

Chocolate biscuit offers and deals at supermarkets

10. Crisps

You can usually always find at least one big brand name pack of crisps on offer at your local supermarket. Walkers often go on offer, particularly their multipacks. Waitrose have been running an offer of Buy 2 Multipacks (6) for £3.25 for a long time now so we can't see that changing any time soon. The Co-op discount Walkers multipacks (6) by a third from time to time, bringing the price down to £1.50 - cheaper than anywhere we've found on Island.

Supermarket offers on Walkers Crisps

Loads of other brands such as Hula Hoops, Pom-bears, Pringles, Snack-a-Jacks, are all regularly on offer. If you can't find any deals at your local supermarket, just check another store. Or keep an eye out on our Facebook page!

Pringles Offers and Deals

11. Boots No.7 Cosmetics, Makeup & Skincare range

Boots run tonnes of offers on cosmetics, particularly their own label, Boots No7. Not only do they regularly run offers such as a 3 for 2 on No7 makeup and skincare, they often also run a No7 voucher promotion which can save you loads of money!

The No7 voucher is also valid when using other offers, deals and promotions. So, if you find a No7 3 for 2 offer, you'll get 1 item for free PLUS you can use the voucher to get additional money off! The last voucher promotion was £10 off when you spend £20 on No7 cosmetics or skincare. So choose your 3 items in the 3 for 2 deal, then get an additional £10 off!

Boots No7 Voucher

So, before you buy any Boots No7 products, check to see if there is a No7 voucher promotion running. You usually need to get the voucher at the checkout when paying for a purchase, so if you need a voucher, buy something small at the till that you would have bought anyway... get your voucher, then go get your No7 products and use your money off voucher at the till.

Nothing more annoying than paying at the till for a No7 3 for 2 deal then the cashier hands you your receipt with a voucher for £10 off!! Argghhh...! Boots in the High Street in Guernsey are usually very good at giving you the heads up when a voucher promotion is currently running. You can often find the No7 vouchers sitting in the shopping baskets by the door as you walk in. If you can't see one, just ask an assistant at the till when you enter the store to check if they are running any No7 makeup and skincare voucher promotions.

Boots 3 for 2 offers

💡 TIP! Always check your Boots Advantage App before shopping at Boots. Boots regularly have additional offers including extra points when you purchase certain products. So check your App and LOAD the offer to your Advantage Card - just click LOAD in the offers list within the App. If you're not an Advantage Member - do it now!! Check out our post - Boots Advantage Card Member.

Happy Saving!!

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